Top Coat – In Paint System | What is a Top Coat

Top Coat – In paint system provides protection mainly from UV (Ultra Violet Rays) therefore, Top coats are mainly used for aesthetic purpose in a paint system such as color and for gloss finish.

Polyurethane coatings are widely used for top coats in a paint system. Polyurethane fall in two categories such as Aliphatic and Aromatic, the Aliphatic provides excellent color retention and performs well in sunlight hence recommended since performs well in sunlight.

Aromatic Polyurethane performs better in submerged environments and not suited for above ground since it is prone to chalking.

Contrasting colours shall be used for each coat of paint.

Top coat is a sealer coat which is transparent or translucent coat which is applied over the midcoat to protect the underlying coat.

The top coat must be durable enough to resist abrasion and chemically stable enough to withstand the combination of UV light as well as chemical aggression.

The Principal advantages of Top Coat – Industrial Coating

  • The top coat provides corrosion protection
  • Keeps the surface clean and abrasion free
  • The top coat provides a resinous seal over the intermediate coats and the primer
  • Provides good appearance, high gloss and color retention
  • The topcoat is the first line of defense of many coatings against aggressive agents
  • It is the first line of barrier protection from the environment
  • Provides resistance to chemicals, water and weather and aid in other performance requirements
  • Toughness and wear resistance to surface
  • Top coats provide good adherence to the undercoat

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