Required Rig Movers – UAE

Required Rig Movers – UAE


Required 15 Nos.


Required rig movers – UAE – must have adequate training and hands-on professional experience and be competent to act as an Appointed Person for lifting equipment.

Be able to write Lifting plans, and supervise and execute critical lifting in oil & gas companies.

Have a focus on HSE priorities and lead a team of Crane Operators, Riggers and Banksmen for Safe Lifting Practices across different locations of the organization.

Be familiar with international standards related to Lifting engineering practices with sufficient knowledge in interpretation and to bring excellence in Change management.

Be trained for the 4-day course of Appointed Person by an ADNOC Group approved Training Company using an approved Tutor and be assessed every 3 years, as defined in HSE- ST-019 Appendix 13.

The Appointed Person has operational control of the lift and is designated as being in charge of planning, coordinating, controlling and executing the lift.


Required Rig Movers – UAE – Experience


Attend rig moves of each option: Mast-up, Mast-down and dismantled moves.

Assess the overall organization of the rig moves:

Third-party lifting, truck move interaction with rig crew.

Who is accountable and who is the focal point for taking decisions?

Toolbox talks

Rig Move Plan – and review of how it is being performed on a daily agenda.

Estimate the number of loads and compare it with the plan.

Load out the sequence of the rig and review the plan.

Safe speed for critical loads and normal loads.

Rig Move documents – adequacy (Procedures, lifting plans, etc.).

Rig documentation: Permit to Work, checklists and assessments performed by the crew

Review the rig move plans and route survey report to check if all hazards are identified.

Assess the adequacy of the number of rig move equipment (number of trailers, forklifts, cranes, sufficient accommodation for the rig move, etc.) depending on the rig move plan

Assess the overall organization of the rig move

Assess pre-rig move inspections performed by the rig.

Cranes certification:

spot checks on cranes and especially the calibration records.

Operator qualifications

General serviceability

Review Safe use of cranes

Review load transfers to and from trailers

Assess load securement during transportation

Lifting appliances (Cranes, forklifts, man-baskets, etc.):

Lifting appliance register

Validity of lifting appliance certificates

Lifting equipment (shackles, slings, taglines, equipment used to lift)

Lifting equipment register

Validity of lifting equipment certificates

Assess third-party rig move support team and equipment provided.

Assess Competence:

Lifting training requirement and training matrix of ADNOC Drilling

Lifting competence of the rigging crew.

SIMOPS: Observing each of the simultaneous operations and if any hazards of people getting in the way and resolve the issues.

Lifting Plans

Whether all lifting plans are available.

Spot checks of the lifting plans.

Correct cranes to use for the cranes.

Assess whether there is a gap in the current plans available and provide ad-hoc consultancy.

Help develop lifting plans as required.

Assist the selecting the correct crane and accessories for the specific task

Review compliance to lifting plans (load integrity and load stability) depending on weather conditions such as windy conditions.

Monitor crane setups as per lifting plans: configurations as per load charts for the lifts.

Verification of positioning of cranes

Monitor non-compliances to standards

Monitor lifting organization on rigs.

Monitor the organization of the offloader at the new location.

Monitor load securement during rigging down, rig move and rigging up.

Toolbox Talk:

Mentoring the teams on the

Reference Standards:

BS7121 – Parts 1 and 3 Safe Use of cranes

LOLER 1998: Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations

PUWER 1998: Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations

ADNOC Lifting standards

Selecting the correct crane and accessories for the specific task.

Prepare the lift plan and ensure the required controls are in place

Ensures that the lifting equipment is maintained, examined and appropriate for use.

Checks that load integrity and stability are satisfactory.

Ensures that people involved are competent for performing their task, aware of the task and procedures to be followed, and aware of their responsibilities.

Ensure competent supervisor available should the Appointed Person delegate his duties of part thereof to others.

Ensure all necessary test certificates and other documents are available.

Ensure all other statutory requirements and any necessary work permits are in place.

Identify all hazards and restricted areas.

Emergency Procedures in case of damage or impairment to the crane during operation, and for the safe recovery of the crane to a holding location on the installation.

Ensuring that the person directing crane movements (Signaler / Banksman) is readily identifiable to the crane operator by wearing high visibility clothing or distinguishing markings.

Ensuring that the workplace is provided with adequate lighting for night lifting.

Briefs people involved in or affected by the lift.

Ensures the lift is carried out following the plan. Suspends the lift if changes or conditions (eg, wind) occur that would cause a deviation from the plan.

Monitors the performance of all involved personnel to ensure that adequate standards of performance are maintained.

Manages any special issues such as language barriers and new/inexperienced staff.

Checks that there is no deviation from standards for routine lifts.

Shall allow for concurrent or simultaneous operations that may affect or be affected by the lift, e.g., other cranes.

Audit findings shall be identified based on the category of rig move and also findings should be risk assessed as per the risk matrix provided.

Prepare a checklist for lifting gear and lifting appliances inspection.


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