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Painting – Coating is the same? Even some of the painting/coating certified inspectors keep guessing the difference when such a question is raised during an interview.

As an expert in the painting and coating field industry would like to highlight some of the main differences so that the confusion is cleared with many.

Let us see below and find out more in detail –


What is Paint?

Paint is a mechanical dispersion mixture of one or more pigments in a vehicle.

Paints are Classified According to Type of Binder

– Oil Paints

– Oleoresinous Paints

– Synthetic Coatings

– Emulsion Paints


Paint Consists of 6 Main Components

– Base – Body of paint – It is a solid substance consisting of fine powder

– Additives – Used to modify the properties of the liquid of dry film.

– Pigments – Colour – Powder form – Gives colour to paint, hides undesirable surface flaws.

– Driers – Accelerates the process of drying the paint.

– Binders – Resin/Vehicle/Glue – Oil which is dried on exposure to air, helps to keep the Pigments and other components of paints in solution. Makes the topcoat tough and durable.

– Solvents – Carrier/Thinner – Transports the Binder and Pigments to the substrate surface. It makes the application easy, smooth and uniform.


What is the Difference Between Painting and Coating


The coating is for performance.

The coating is mainly applied by spray.

The protective coating is different from domestic paints.

The coating protects the metallic surfaces from rusting or corrosion.

Coatings are applied as liquids, gases or solids.

It is a layer to protect a substrate from deterioration.

Coatings are solvent-free.

The coating is normally applied in a liquid state that turns into a solid film through oxidation.



Painting is for mainly aesthetic purposes.

The paint is formulated mainly for the decorative purpose mostly applied by brush or roller.

Painting enhances appearance. When applied on a surface of metal or wood the appearance looks beautiful.

Painting is just decorative and not for protection against corrosion.

The painting contains solvents.


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