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Inspection – Coating Material

Inspection – Whether you are working directly for the owner/Client or working for an inspection company, the inspection work should begin before any job activity.

Coating Material

– The coating material should be approved by the Client before delivery. The material should be procured from the approved paint manufacturer (Vendor) according to the approved procedure/specification.

Inspection Of Coating Material

– Upon material arrival, the Client inspector should check visually for any defects or damages. Check for compliance with the Manufacturers Product Data Sheets (PDS) and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Above all verify the paint labels on each container, check the batch certificates, check shelf life and ensure that the contractor is following the storage requirement mentioned as per the datasheets.

The packaging shall meet the relevant requirements of ASTM D3951.

Labeling – Each container shall be legibly marked with the following information provided in Data Sheet and on the paint container.

Name of paint


Type of spray

Kind and size of the spray nozzle tip.

Cleaning materials

Maximum temperature resistance

Flashpoint (ºC)

Pot life (hours)

Shelf life

Dry time for overcoating

Kind of thinner

Lot number

Stock number

Manufacturer’s name and address

Date of manufacture

Shelf life

Quantity of paint in the container

Information and warning (if needed)

Therefore, performance tests on each paint system shall be carried out before paint activity which shall meet the Client requirement.

Abrasive type Size & Quality

– Visually check the abrasive quality to ensure that the material is free of oil, grease, moisture, free from rust, salts and other contaminations/debris.

Verify if the packing is adequately secured


– Adding thinner not more than 5% is acceptable only in case it prevents application by brush/spray. Thinners are to be added unless necessary for proper application. Thinning shall never exceed the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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