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Inorganic Zinc Silicate

Inorganic Zinc Silicate is a long term corrosion protector, generally made from polymer-based binders.

These types of coatings contain a large amount of zinc metallic dust mixed with a binder.

Since zinc performs in higher temperatures (Up to 400 deg.C.).

It can be used as a single coat at a specific thickness on tanks such as some kind of chemicals tanks.

Inorganic Zinc Silicate Primer – Low DFT Observed 

Let’s put this issue in the following manner, Inorganic Zinc Silicate primer low DFT was observed. The DFT achieved after paint application was 25 to 30 microns and the required

DFT was 60 microns. Is this DFT acceptable and if not what precautions is one going to take?

Minor damaged areas or small areas having low DFT can be built up with Zinc Rich Epoxy. But DFT cannot be rebuilt for large areas.

IOZ is acting like Galvanic and Barrier protection but not an Inhibition protector.


Zinc-rich primers are not supposed to be over coated with the same primer on the existing coating. The reason being it can lead to mud cracking. Hence, a mist coat of 15-20 microns shall be applied before applying the primer.

In this case, the only method acceptable is to re-blast the entire area affected areas.

Can one mix Organic -Zinc Rich Silicate by thinning 30% to build up sufficient thickness?

In one case this can be considered, provided the temperature is below 120 degrees C. Organic Zinc Rich Epoxy can be over coated to build up the required thickness.

How to measure the thickness of Zinc Rich coating?

As soon as the sprayer applies the coating it is recommended to check the wet film thickness (WFT). But the accuracy of WFT is questionable.

One cannot take proper WFT readings, hence the only option is to use a professional applicator to achieve the necessary results.


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